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International Joint Conference - History, culture and nature of the Baltic Sea Region

International Joint Conference - History, culture and nature of the Baltic Sea Region
23-24 October 2014, Olsztyn, Poland
University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn,
Old Boiler House, Prawocheńskiego Street 9, Olsztyn-Kortowo, Poland
23.10.2014 (Thursday)
12.00-15.00 - registration
15.00-15.15 - opening of the Conference
Prof. Dr. Jerzy Jaroszewski – Vice-Rector for Research, University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn, Poland
Dr. Kari Hyppönen – President, Baltic Sea Region University Network
15.15-15.45 - plenary lecture 1: Prof. Sven Ekdahl, Berlin, Germany -  The Baltic Sea countries: A study of their rich history
15.45-16.15 - plenary lecture 2: - Dr. Andris Spruds, Prof. RSU, Latvian Institute of International Affairs, Latvia - culture of Baltic States
16.15-16.30 - coffee break
16.30-17.00 - plenary lecture 3: Prof. Lauri Arvola, University of Helsinki, Finland - Factors affecting nutrient loading from Finnish river basins to the Baltic Sea
17.00-17.30 - plenary lecture 4: Prof. Dr. Janusz Małłek, dr h.c., Nicolaus Copernicus University, Poland - Migration and cultural transfer between Poland and Sweden in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries
17.30-18.00 - discussion on the future of the Baltic Sea Regions and prospects of research
            18.15 - welcome party with concert and art exhibition
Joseph Bodin de Boismortier: Trio Sonata a-moll op.37 nr 5 for flute, basson and basso continuo, I. Vivace, II. Largo, III. Allegro
Ludwig Spohr: Adagio F-dur, Op.115 for flute and piano
Antonín Dvořák: Humoreska for flute and piano
Faure Gabriel, arr. Bill Thorp: Berceuse from The Dolly Suite Trio for flute, basson and piano
Edward Grieg, arr. Bill Thorp: Norwegian Dance No. 2 Trio for flute, basson and piano
Rodgers Richard, arr. Bill Thorp: Oklahoma Trio for flute, basson and piano

Performers: Pro Musica Antiqua
Leszek Szarzyński – flute, Institute of music, Faculty of Fine Arts
Roman Kuźniak – basson, Institute of music, Faculty of Fine Arts
Lucyna Żołnierek-Frenszkowska – piano

24.10.2014 (Friday)
 9.00-11.00 - parallel sessions
 Session I – history and nature
    9.00-9.15 - Dr. Anna Kołodziejczyk -  Protection of the aquatic resources of the royal lands  in the grand duchy of Lithuania in times of the last Jagiellonians
    9.15-9.30 - Prof. Valdas Žulkus - Europeanisation of the East Baltic rim. The interactions on the Baltic Sea in the Viking Age – High Middle Ages
    9.30-9.45 - Małgorzata Kutaj, MSc. -  The role of the village theatre Węgajty in propagation the multicultural heritage by new media in the society
    9.45-9.55 - discussion
  9.55-10.10 - Dr. eng. Jerzy Miałdun - Understanding historical landscapes nod the Vistula Lagoon through aerial photography
10.10-10.25 - Prof. Marek Kruk - International scientific cooperation in prognosis of environmental effects caused by engineering activity in Vistula Lagoon (South Baltic)
10.25-10.40 - Prof. Agnieszka Jaszczak - Landscape values of Cathedral Hill in Frombork
10.40-10.50 - discussion
Session II – Panel on Kaliningrad issues
    9.00-9.10 - Prof. Krzysztof Gładkowski, East Prussia - The Holocaust and Memory
    9.10-9.20 - Prof. Ingmar Oldberg, Kaliningrad region - a trouble spot on the Baltic
    9.20-9.30 - Prof. Arkadiusz Żukowski, A Case of Regional Identity of Inhabitants of the Polish-Russian Borderland
          9.30-9.40 - Dr. Krzysztof Żęgota, Historical identity and awareness in Kaliningrad region and Warmia and Mazury. Selected issues
    9.40-9.55 - discussion
  9.55-10.05 - Prof. Selim Chazbijewicz, Tatars as a ethnic minority in the Kaliningrad Region
10.05-10.15 - Prof. Marcin Chełminiak, Co-operation and Security in the Baltic Sea Region in the Post Cold War era - Polish Perspective
10.15-10.25 - Dr. Wojciech Kotowicz, The foreign policy of Poland and the Kaliningrad region - national security and cross-border determinants
10.25-10.35 -  Dr. Katarzyna Maciejewska-Mieszkowska, Image of the Polish-Russian borderland in the Olsztyn mass media
10.35-10.50 – discussion
10.50-11.20 – coffee break
11.20-12.50 - continuation of thematic sessions
Session I – history and nature
11.20-11.35 - Dr. Paweł M. Loro, First local floras in the Baltic Sea South-East Coast
11.35-11.50 - Dr. Mieczysława A. Fenyk, Dr. Krystyna Kuszewska, A protection of avenue at Warmia and Mazury
11.50-12.05 - Prof. Stanisław Czachorowski, Aquatic insects as usefully bioindicators of ecological conditions of lakes
12.05-12.20 - Dr. Bogdan Radzicki, Dr Marta Śliwa, Prof. s. Czachorowski, A cultural and natural heritage projects focused on the Limajno Mikroregion
12.20-12.35 - Marek Maruszczak, MA, Reception of “Why didn’t you invest in Eastern Poland?” campaign in foreign Internet memes
12.35-12.45 - discussion
Session II – Panel on contemporary political, economic, social  and cultural issues
11.20-11.30 - Dr. Anna Barsukova, Prof. Igor I. Zhukovskiy, International activity of the universities (European Union case): Why do universities cooperate?
11.30-11.40 - Prof. Vaiva Zuzevičiūtė, Prof. Beata Krzywosz-Rynkiewicz, Interpretations of Belonging in an Interstate Society: Some Evidences from an International Study
11.40-11.50 - Dr. Natalia Sarakhanova, A new look at distance joint student research projects as integration process
11.50-12.00 - Dr. Maciej Hartliński, Historical and contemporary challenges for local leaders in the development of civic participation in Poland
12.00-12.10 - Dr. Karolina Tybuchowska-Hartlińska, The Evolution of Local Political Participation in Poland. Contemporary Challenges in a Historical Context
12.10-12.20 - Dr. Ewa Gładkowska, Cultural landscape of the Curonian Spit – Weduta Utraty?
12.20-12.45 - discussion
12.45-13.45 - lunch
13.45-15.00 - panel discussion: further possibilities of regional cooperation, prospects of regional development and joint research projects

15.00-15.10 - closing of the conference 

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